Transtextim Ltd.

‘Transtextim’ Ltd. is a family-owned company established in 2003 which specializes in producing knitwear. The manufacturing facilities are in the town of Pleven, Northern Bulgaria. The region is leading in the knitwear industry in the country with long-standing traditions in the industry as well as with established positions in European / global / markets.

The start of production of knitwear garments in Pleven was set in 1952. The accumulated throughout the years experience, continuity and consistency in the vocational education of specialists for the knitwear industry in the city are a guarantee for precision even in the smallest details of the production technology.

‘Transtextim’ works with cotton machines and the latest generation of flat knitting machines. It produces both classic sweaters and cardigans as well as sophisticated products. Tradition along with experience make it possible for the company to achieve excellent quality. The production capacity is 10,000 units per month. To meet clients’ preferences ‘Transtextim’ can make client-tailored orders with their supplied materials or take care of everything needed to the delivery the finished production.

The clients of ‘Transtextim’ are established brands from Spain, France, Italy, the United Kingdom and Germany. The credibility of the company is built on high quality production, loyalty to partners, strict compliance with the terms and requirements of the orders.

For the convenience of its clients in Spain and the UK, the company has representative offices in Madrid and London.